Hi, I am the human being behind Rosehip. There has been input from many women in Rosehip's development. In particular Kira Schimmelpfennig. These women will form the board of advisors for this social enterprise.

My Story

HI, I created Rosehip because I thought there was a real need for online women's networking, support and sharing in a non-facebook space. I've previously created a women's health library and a community Red Tent. I have been a birth Doula for 13 years and a women's health therapist trained in Hakomi Psychotherapy. I am in the process of developing a rites of passage program for mothers and daughters in Minang Country, Western Australia. Knowing that This work is difficult to sustain financially in a way which makes it available to all, I pieced all of my interests together into a Social Enterprise business model and created Rosehip pty ltd to fund my deeper work in the world, as well as the work of other women. I sincerely hope you find this serves you in some way.


If you are interested to know a little more about my private work