Rosehip is an app available on your world wide web connection device through the Apple and Google app stores.

You can also access a web version if you prefer full screen.

This link takes you to the web version sign up as well as links to download from the app stores.

It will ask you to sign up for a membership subscription in order to enter Rosehip. Please read our membership fee info so you understand how your money allows this community to exist.

You can subscribe through Apple store or Google play store, or in our web version which uses Stripe as it's secure payment system.

If you sign up through the web version it is minus the app store fee and therefore cheaper for you.  You can then download the app on your device from your app store and use your web sign up to login and access the community.

Cancelling your membership subscription is easy and straightforward.

If you would like a free trial to check out the app before paying for membership, please contact us through the link in the menu bar, or email direct to