Membership is by subscription

-Where does the money go?

We like to be totally transparent about where your membership fees go, and how the price comes to be.

The app is available two ways: either through the web version of the app or your app store.

Apple and Google take 15% of each subscription, so you will find that the app is cheaper if you subscribe through our web version.

You can then download the app in your app store for free and use the login you created in the web version.


My goal is to grow a holistic self-sustaining independent community using the app as the central forum.

Currently, Rosehip membership is $6.99 monthly or $86.99 annually. Or $6/month here.

I want to make Rosehip affordable for everyone and run it as thoroughly well as possible. This price is the minimum cost for a sustainable community app of this form, based on a goal of 800 members for minimum community sustainability.

Your monthly subscription breakdown:

$1 Appstore fee payable when you subscribe through their stores.

$2 - Rosehip Community Grants

$4 - General Running costs including: $900/month for all tech expenses, website, domain, all legal and accounting.  Once this is covered by the first 225 members, $1/week will go to

paying the women who devote their time to the creation and operation of Rosehip, as the community grows, we will offer surplus funds to women in exchange for creating specialised community content.

Rosehip is a privately owned and run community collective. In contrast to free social media platforms, we will not be collecting or selling your data. We will not be capitalizing on your membership elsewhere through paid advertising.

There is a place within the app for sharing of products and services as well as an events page. 


It is my intention that Rosehip will quickly become a rich and fertile resource for all.

In love and gratitude,


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