Welcome to Rosehip,


we are really excited to be growing this community with you, in aid of a collective remembering of the ancient and modern arts of women’s business. 


Think of Rosehip like a women’s community building, a temple or the ‘red tent’, and stemming back to the women’s fire in a nomadic camp.  You enter into the community lounge with comfortable couches, cushions and plants. It is a warm and fresh feeling room with women relaxed conversing or engaging in wholesome nurturing activities.  You are warmly welcomed. There is a tea table with an apothecary of herb teas, cocoa and coffee in the corner. You make yourself at home and have a look around…

Start by entering the Welcome group (top left corner). 


Leading off from the community lounge, you see doors leading to other rooms / groups.  Each door is named with a life stage or topic.  Inside are women’s circles which you are welcome to enter anytime by joining a ‘group’.  You will then be part of the ongoing conversations in these rooms which will show in your newsfeed.  When you enter a group, picture a circle of women sitting around the room, one talking at a time, each listening to what each-other says compassionately.  Perhaps you introduce yourself as you sit down and share a little about your interest in the topic, a story, some information or a question. Click the + button, bottom right, to create a post.

This is the place to seek and to share wisdom.

When you join a conversation in Rosehip, please take a moment to be aware of what gift your words bring and when responding to others, as Rumi said:  

Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:

Is it true?  Is it necessary?  Is it kind?

We are here in respect for each individual woman and her unique experience of life.  The code of conduct is the same you would expect when entering a very personal conversation circle. Confidentiality creates safety and trust.  If we all agree to respect that women’s personal stories shared here are not spoken of or identified outside of Rosehip, then we all get to feel comfortable about sharing openly.

You will find in Rosehip that you can share a link OUT to other platforms, but it is not possible for you to link IN to Rosehip from outside the app.  It is a private, members only community for all of our sense of security.  Please do not screenshot or record anything personal that you see in here.  As is stated in our Terms and Conditions, content in Rosehip remains the property of Rosehip, and/or the individual member who shared it. 

There is a library and resource section, which will be continually added to and grown as Rosehip grows.  Rosehip will be inviting and interviewing women in their areas of specialty.  If you would like to participate in your area of expertise please contact us. 

The Noticeboard is where members post ads and notices for products and services they offer.  To view the noticeboard, join the group, and you will receive these in your newsfeed.  Or join, take a look around and ‘leave group’ so you won’t have these appearing in your daily newsfeed if not wanted.

If you would like to promote your work or business here, please do. Posts will be submitted for approval before going live.  Use hashtags to make your service searchable for other members, or link to group discussions.  Add a link out to your website, facebook or Instagram if you wish.

We love networking and accessing events, products and services provided by our members AND we want group discussions to be non-marketed spaces. For this reason we will keep these offerings to the noticeboard only.  There will be no sponsored advertisements, no pop-up ads, and no hidden data collection.  Rest assured, Rosehip does not make money from you in any way other than your membership subscription fee. 

You can request to hire a room for hosting a closed discussion group for your own specific purposes or program.  This group will only be visible to private group members. 

Your subscription funds Rosehip’s community grants project, content creation, company costs, GST and wages for the women who run Rosehip from behind the scenes, cultivating and holding the space.  As Rosehip grows, so too will the number of women employed by Rosehip.  


Rosehip community grants project will fund grass-roots women’s projects such as birth support, girls’ rites of passage and menstrual education programs. Please let us know if there is a project you would like to see Rosehip contribute to.


This is a place to network, learn, share, develop ideas, be inspired, support as well as access support.  A continuing circle of women's circles; a web of women's communities with the aim of supporting womankind as the life support of our planet; a collective remembering of the ancient art of women’s business. 


Rosehip is moderated by women with a strong, heartful intent for holding a safe and secure online women’s community space.  We reserve the right to discontinue memberships, and to delete inappropriate posts or comments where they undermine the integrity or safety of the community.  We hope that this will not be necessary.  Your presence in this community is valued and respected. If there is anything that makes you feel otherwise, please contact us.

These community guidelines will support us all in co-creating a safe, inspiring and nourishing community culture.  It is available in the menu bar if you wish to re-read at any time. 


You can email us if you have any inspired ideas for the functionality of Rosehip such as a new group or folder creation.  This is an organically evolving space and we intend to grow and expand with the community whilst staying in tune with Rosehip’s vision. 

We hope you enjoy being an active part of this growing community. 


We can be contacted at support@rosehip.app.


with much love from

the Rosehip team