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About Rosehip

Rosehip is a women's only social media community app launched July 20th 2021; a virtual red tent supporting a global women's community, a space to connect and collaborate on the evolution of ancient Women's Business in today's modern context.

Rosehip was founded on the south coast of Western Australia in Minang country.  It is open to women age 17 and over everywhere.

You are joining a welcoming, supportive and safe community, run by passionate women holding space for the collective sharing and development of the many arts of Women's Business.

Join your choice of conversation circles around topics such as holistic women's health; menstruation; sisterhood; eldership; spirituality; sexuality; grief; our planet Earth; the ancient and contemporary politics of being woman; pregnancy; birth; mothering; raising girls into womanhood /rites of passage. 


Rosehip grows as it's community grows. So you can suggest and host new groups.

Explore growing folders of content inside, we are working on establishing a women's health library book list, regular community podcast interviews, resources & articles.


Rosehip pty ltd is a social enterprise company set up to support women's health and women's business. The work is funded by the App's membership which is by monthly or annual subscription.